Welcome to CASES

School Leaders.........Re-Imagine your PLACE in partnership with the support and experience of CASES international. CASES provide Complete Academic Solutions & Educational Services in tandem with your School Improvement Journey.

CASES is a Melbourne based, low-cost, high-quality, educational and academic support provider, whose Mission Statement is simple - we support school leadership teams in identifying those areas which have the most positive and sustainable impact on student outcomes and then provide targeted services to amplify those areas. Our personnel are experts in teaching and school improvement; every member of the CASES team has substantial school experience - every staff member has held, or currently holds, a position of responsibility in the Tertiary, Catholic or Independent school sectors from Principal and Deputy Principal, from Associate Tertiary Directors, through to middle leaders, Personal Assistants and Teachers. In addition, many regularly write and present both locally and globally on key educational matters.

As important as the services we provide are, at CASES we never lose sight of our mission to support our client schools in improving student outcomes. We pride ourselves upon receiving almost 100% of our business through referrals. In fact, if you are reading this website, it is most likely that you have found us through a referral from a colleague. At CASES we almost exclusively rely upon word-of-mouth recommendations, and we maintain this by delivering a personalised, confidential, high quality service with a fast turnaround at affordable prices — all completed within a highly secure, highly catered for and completely confidential environment.

Put simply, we focus our efforts on delivering quality work of the highest order and not on advertising and marketing, so that our existing clients do the promotion for us by sharing their satisfaction of our services with their learned colleagues. This means our expenditure on marketing is extremely small, allowing us to keep our costs lower. Ultimately, these cost savings are passed on to our clients in the form of lower pricing - and better service.

At CASES we guarantee a professional service which continually exceeds expectations. As our name attests, we are able to present Complete Academic Solutions & Educational Services directly and explicitly to the School Sector.

Put simply, CASES supports you in re-imagining your PLACE.

P - re-imagine your Pedagogy, your Professional Growth and your Proof read reports;

L - re-imagine your Learning, your Leadership capacity and your high Leverage strategies;

A - re-imagine your Assessment, your Appraisals and your improvement Actions;

C - re-imagine your Curriculum design, your Coaching and your school Climate;

E - re-imagine your E-environment, your Expert teaching team and your Engagement.

CASES provides the following school and individual improvement services, at very affordable prices, with a cast iron guarantee of satisfaction:

  • We professionally Proof Read Reports;
  • We conduct Staff Appraisals, for teachers, middle managers and leadership members;
  • We conduct whole-day or one-off workshops on Learning and Pedagogical Improvements;
  • We Mentor and Coach teaching staff and leaders.

If you're serious about your School Improvement Journey…. then you'll need CASES