Proofreading Service

Why investing in our Proofreading Service will lead to better reports and better student outcomes:

Twice a year your staff write reports. Twice a year, your staff then sit down and proofread reports……the same staff who made the errors in the first place. Teachers are not proof readers – so why not free their time to do the things they're really paid to do: give them time to collaborate with fellow teachers, to create new resources, to share good pedagogy, to discuss individual needs and to prepare for the semester ahead.

Currently, the time you are investing in proofreading is time that could be spent elsewhere. In most secondary schools, the average teacher proofreads for 4 hours, with Position of Leadership (POL) holders averaging 8 hours - that's a cost to your school of approximately $200 per teacher and $400 per POL, in addition to 4 or 8 less hours for those staff to be doing work that leads more directly to better student outcomes. In effect, you're already paying too high a cost for proofreading. Equally importantly, you only have one chance to make a first impression.


At CASES, when proofreading, we follow your guidelines for report writing and, with our Bronze Service, we ensure the following:

  • Complete confidentiality
  • Reports are collected, proofread and returned in an agreed period (a College of 1400 students = 1 week)
  • All student names are correctly spelt (which is the most common error of cut and paste reports)
  • All words are spelt correctly
  • Your teachers have used the correct punctuation marks
  • Your teachers have used commas, quote marks and apostrophes in the right places
  • Any typos are highlighted
  • Your teachers are using the right word for commonly confused words
  • Comprehensive feedback reports are sent by CASES to you or your Leadership Team so that you're aware of the strengths and limitations of your reporting process – ensuring improved reports next time

Our Bronze Service proofreading does not include the rewriting of clumsy sentences or the provision of comment bank suggestions, but if you are looking for heavier correction of your writing – such as rewriting sentences that don't work or examples of exemplary report comments – then ask about our Silver and Gold Services which include all of the above plus copy-editing. 

How much does the Bronze Service cost?

For our Bronze Service, an indicative price (excluding GST, at 2013 prices) is $8.50 per student (for example, a Year 7 student may have a Homeroom Report plus 10 subject reports – we proofread all for $8.50. Therefore, if there were 100 students in the year level, you would pay $850 for that entire year level).

Please Note: We currently proofread for a number of Melbourne based Catholic Secondary Colleges (from 500 to 1400 students) and we are happy to provide testimonials from these clients if requested.