Teacher Appraisals & Coaching /Mentoring Services

There is a proven relationship between successful school improvement over time and the leadership and strategic capabilities of the school's leaders and middle managers. Ineffective leadership is also the greatest contributor to low staff morale and low staff climate.

CASES has therefore established a simple, effective, multi-layered and bespoke appraisal process that provides senior school leaders and middle managers with a valuable opportunity to receive an evaluation of their job performance from the very people around them. With this feedback, they are able to compare the performance opinions of others with their own perceptions, positively identifying their strengths, and pinpointing areas, skills and competencies that could be further improved.

The feedback that returns to the school has been developed to present complex data in a meaningful, simple and graphic way. It is structured to appeal to all types of users revealing an increasing level of data analysis. The Principal and Deputy will appreciate the overview given at the beginning of the report whereas the individual will delve into more detail. Every CASES Appraisal Feedback Report has a special personal growth section that aims to improve performance in the identified development areas. The CASES Appraisal Feedback process is an effective managerial development system that pays big dividends in improved performance.

CASES also provides Coaching and Mentoring Services. Working closely with School Leadership Teams, a bespoke service can be initiated to serve the current needs of your school. At CASES, we understand that all schools are unique and our approach to assisting our clients from our initial contact recognizes this. Our Mentoring Service reveals to leaders how to nurture personal improvement from an 'Expert' mentoring a 'Novice'; our Coaching Service reveals to school leadership teams how they move from being 'good' to being 'great'. In both programs, we understand that change will always occur but we identify useful change and then we amplify it. Fundamentally, these Services focus on learning, on collaboration and on results.